Terms and Conditions that preside over the admission/enrolment in any of the preparatory course  programs (in-class/online or a combination of both) for Pharmacists/ technician pharmacists are as  under: – 

1) Enrolment confirmation:
Centre will grant confirmation of enrolment in any of the offered program only after: –
✔ Admission process is aptly completed;
Candidate gives its written/digital consent towards acceptance of prescribed Terms and Conditions;
Receiving the prescribed payment (full or partial) from the candidate, provided the option of full or  partial payment is agreed to be provided by PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre Corporation. In  case of partial payment, the candidate must make the remaining payment on mutually agreed due  dates. On failure to fulfill the agreed payment obligation, a report shall be filed with credit bureau or  company is at its discretion to take legit steps to collect the due payment from the candidate.

2) Online Program:
PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre Corporation will provide a username and password to the  confirmed candidate. It is non-transferable and should be used by that sole user only. The company  is within its rights to track the usage and take necessary action if any suspected activity is noticed or  the user is convicted of providing access to the third party (company/other individual). The  convicted candidate will be liable to pay due damages or face persecution, as the case may be.

The study material or online access granted to the candidate under the enrolled program is entirely  for personal study/use. He/she must not reproduce/use them for commercial purpose or share the  same with any third party for any commercial or related purpose.

The said program can be accessed through computer and internet at candidate’s end. In case any  issue arises due to poor internet connectivity, speed or due to inapt computer/ networking system  which does not meet the requisites of said program operation, then PharmXellence Pharmacy Study  Centre Corporation is not liable to refund the received amount from the candidate. 

3) Confidentiality of Resources:
PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre Corporation has put in great effort, time and money in creating  preparatory resources for each of its offered program. Your consent to keep these resources (materials,  cases, techniques, plans etc.), provided under your respective enrolled program, confidential always. 

4) Discipline is paramount :
PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre Corporation is a disciplined study centre and discourages all  or any act(s) of violence, misconduct, misbehavior, abuse or Foul-play. It holds the right to  immediately terminate the candidate from the program if he/she is found guilty of any such act  where he/she has either misbehaved or disrupted the code of discipline by any means. 

PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre Corporation holds the right to instantly terminate the  agreement, without considering any financial obligation, if the particular candidate is found  disrupting the disciplinary conduct with any fellow participant or staff of the center. 

5) No Guarantee:
PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Center Corporation is a Teaching and training institute of Canadian  pharmacy exams, which provide all possible help to prepare for your exams. It does not guarantee  success, pass, or any fruitful result, to any enrolled candidate, in any appearing exams. The candidate  has agreed to pay the fees for the study material and relating resources as needed for exams  preparation. It is not considered to be paid against any guarantee for the results. The company should  not be hold responsible or liable to refund the money, in case the candidate fails in the pharmacy exams  or fails to complete its term of the program, for whatever reasons.

6) Web images for promotional purposes only:
The images, animations or videos of practice appearing on the website of PharmXellence Pharmacy  Study Centre Corporation are only meant for promotional purposes or demonstration purpose only.

7) PEBC Violation:
PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre Corporation does not indulge in gathering, discussing or  distributing information with regard to questions asked in the exams conducted by PEBC. According to  PEBC rules, reproduction, discussion or discussion of previously held board exam papers is a violation of  copyright law. Hence, we abide by their policy and do not encourage any such activity within our center.

8) Indemnification:
The candidate agrees not to collect, discuss or distribute data relating to question  asked by any examination board in previous or current year(s). It is strictly prohibited and company  strictly discourages such acts in the center. The candidate agrees to indemnify PharmXellence Pharmacy  Study Center Corporation from any or all liabilities incurring due to such forbidden actions performed by  them on their own. It includes any or entire legal fees also.

9) Reproduction of provided materials is forbidden:
PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Center Corporation holds intellectual property rights on all the study/course material provided to the candidates under their  respective enrolled programs for exam preparation. They should be mainly used during the review  classes, as scheduled, under the program. Any reproduction of said material at any other time without  permission is strictly forbidden.

10) Refund criteria on cancelling registration:
PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre Corporation shall not  refund any of the registration money in case you choose to cancel the registration of following courses  after the given date:
✔ Evaluating Exam;
✔ Qualifying Exam Part – I (MCQ);
✔ Qualifying Exam Part – II (OSCE);
✔ Jurisprudence (For Alberta)

Exception provision: PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre Corporation agrees to refund the  registration money of following courses if the request is made in writing a month before the start of  program. However, it requires pre-payment of cancellation fee of $200: 

Qualifying Exam Part – II (OSCE):

In addition, if the request for cancellation of following course is made within the last month of the  course then such request will not be entertained at all.

11) Absence during Qualifying Exam Part – II (OSCE):
Practice Exams:
Any leave on any day of the said class is not acceptable and they will not be given any compensatory  class or allowed to attend the future class for that particular missed day(s).

12) Agreement jurisdiction:
The said agreement of terms and conditions falls under the jurisdiction of the province of Alberta & it  has to be construed in compliance with their laws and that of federal laws of Canada as applicable over  the said province. It shall be treated, in all respects, as an ‘ALBERTA Contract’