“It’s time to be under the best to prepare for your dream career in Pharmacy.” Maharshi Bhatt

With a vision to foster young minds for Canadian Pharmacy Practice, Mr. Maharishi Bhatt laid the foundation of PharmXellence in June, 2013. PharmXellence offers dedicated coaching programs to learners who wish to appear for the Canadian Pharmacist License Exams as organized by PEBC, Canada. We have a team of outstanding mentors who train them in accordance to the prescribed examination standards. With years of experience in this profession, we have strived hard in providing excellence to our students through our course materials, in-class lessons, conceptual teaching and hands-on-approach training. We keep our course material updated by revising it every 6 month term. It helps our student to stay apprised with recent developments in the field of pharmacy and prepared for twice-a-year conducted PEBC exams. We feel proud in helping over hundreds of students in attaining professional degrees as practicing pharmacists and technicians from the Pharmacy examining board.

Our Offerings

PharmXellence is a one-stop knowledge portal for students who intent to embrace pharmacy as their profession. We have designed integrated and comprehensive courses i.e. EE, MCQ & OSCE which extensively cover the course curriculum of PEBC. In addition to that, our expert faculty put in hard work to update, assemble and revise the course material after the end of 6 months to keep our enthusiastic learner up to date.

We schedule both online as well as in-class sessions as per the desire and convenience of future pharmacists of Canada. With the aid of our innovative and well-integrated courses, we intent to empower as well as train them so that they can successfully clear their PEBC Exams.

Canadian PharmacyLicensing Exams takes place twice in a year. Here, we provide you steps through organized material, lecture videos, live classes, interactive session, timely updates and a world full of important information to make you ready for the exams. We have developed an ideal pharmacy study centre that is equipped with professional support system and offers all the requisite tools to hone your knowledge as well as skills. We assure you that your association with us will help you excel in both exams as well as your career as a pharmacist or technician.

How we function?

At PharmXellence, we work together as a team to make it a successful Pharmacy Study Centre. We have well-qualified instructors who have previously worked as practicing pharmacists and have now become educators. Through their competent teaching and well-designed courses, we have helped hundreds of students to successfully face PEBC exams and help them in becoming accomplished pharmacists and technicians of real world.

✔ We provide access materials to our students and schedule mock exams periodically. The best part is that we constantly revise them after the end of every 6 months.

✔ We are available round the clock through e-mail, WhatsApp and other online modes to our students. The idea is to clear their doubts and answer their questions.

✔ Live Chats, audio-visual sessions and videos from professors on customized topics are some of the novel ways to facilitate concept understanding.

✔ With the aid of our comprehensive study materials, students can enrich their know-how and prepare themselves independently for their license exams.

✔ We have designed customized courses, quizzes, questionnaires, mock exams etc. for the students to help them review the concepts in details and from all aspects.

✔ We have followed disciplined teaching and functioned around an organized system. It has led us to become an excellent Pharmacy Study Centre in Canada.

How it works?

In PharmXellence, we believe in our hard-efforts and disciplined coaching methods as learners entrust their money and faith in our system. Our only purpose is to help these students become qualified pharmacists in Canada. We have set up meticulous teaching standards, which are dedicatedly followed by our faculties.

Teaching Materials

We have designed comprehensive teaching materials after considering the syllabus of PEBC, recent changes in the field of pharmacy, latest notifications and studies and previous examination papers. These course materials are subject to upgradation after every 6 months with a sole objective to keep our students up to date as per the latest developments in syllabus and training methods.

Hands-on-Approach Training:

We believe that it is important for learners to become smart and creative before they sit for exams. We strive hard to improve your skill sets and their approach to write exams. We conduct model exams frequently to sharpen their hands-on-approach.

Innovative sessions

We organize live chats, video sessions, audio-visual aids, online mock tests etc. to bring novelty in the process of learning as well as teaching.

Knowledgeable Experts

Our experts put in hard work to help their students understand, analyze and remember the key concepts of subject materials. They welcome creative ideas from students and encourage them to stay focused towards their aim.

Why Choose PharmXellence?

If you want to experience best coaching by best experts to achieve your goal of becoming PEBC qualified pharmacists, then enroll with PharmXellence. Take a glimpse of our best features and check out why we are the better than others.

✔ Excellent faculty on board

We are proud to have qualified instructors and trainers who have accomplished success in their careers as practicing pharmacists and professors in renowned universities of Canada. With their experience and guidance, they bring excellence in their teaching skills.

✔ Systematic coaching methodology

We have set standard coaching systems, designed comprehensive course materials, extensive library of course books for reference and adopted a unique way to keep our study materials and exams upgraded every six months. This new approach gives us an edge over our competitors.

✔ Round-the clock support system

We are always available for our passionate students and energetic learners who are determined to excel in PEBC exams. They can approach the faculties and support staff after classes through e-mails, WhatsApp or any other online mode to discuss difficulties, clarify doubts or share their concerns.

✔ High success rate

We feel proud to have a commendable success rate. We have prepared thousands of students who have achieves success in their PEBC pharmacists and technician exams. They are now successful in their field and making their own name.

✔ Novel training techniques

We have introduced interactive, as well as novel techniques in our coaching through which we have facilitated students understand concepts and difficult topics in Pharmacy. Some of them are live lectures, Lecture Videos, Audio-Video methods, interactive discussions etc.