How do we gather our data/information?
We have adopted a fair method to collect information which is an arrangement of personal and non-personal data. Personal data is collected directly by the candidate wherein they voluntarily provide their personal details i.e. name, address, contact number, credit/debit card details, e-mail address etc. at the time of any legit transaction i.e. enrolling for course, making an online purchase of study material, for enquiry purpose etc. Moreover, we may retain your recognizable IP addresses or logs for the purpose of imposing conformity to our terms, rendering our services and for service betterment after finalization of purchase/ online subscription of newsletter/ making any enquiry via online mode.
On the other hand, Non-personal data is particularly gathered from guest visitors to our website and thus, comprise of IP address, operating system, browser type, time of browsing, number of page-views etc.

What is the purpose of gathering information and how we make use of them?
Purpose: We gather information for following purposes i.e.:-
✔ To manage any transaction especially with regard to registration/sign-up services
✔ To administer and replying back to your respective enquiries
✔ To give right attention to your queries and thereby offering you a personalized feel
✔ For upgradation & enhancement of our website
✔ To consider your valued feedback and thereby bring in required betterment in offered customer services
✔ For marketing and informational reasons, we use them to send you e-mails
✔ To provide newsletters of PharmXellence and to render information about our company and management updates periodically

We assure you that any or all, public or private information, gathered from you through personal or non-personal means, will not be exchanged, sold, transferred or shared to any other individual/company for any respective reason without your consent and shall be used for aforementioned purpose and explicitly for delivering the requested product/service.
We agree to share this information to our reliable third-party contractors or agents who have signed an agreement with us to provide operational support assistance and shall fulfil the same assurance as said above.
We agree to disclose the information only if it is required under legal order/notice of any government or quasi government body/agency/corporation or if it is required to vet or inflict conformity with respective company policies.

We shall use your provided e-mail address for following purposes:-
✔ Order management and administration
✔ Sending information/updates in relation to your registration/enquiries
✔ Sending updates about services
✔ Sending updates about other miscellaneous information, products or services offered

P.N.: You are free to unsubscribe from receiving any of our future emails for above purposes by following the instructions provided underneath each of our e-mail sent.

How we assure protection of your given information?
We assure protection of your information through carefully implemented security measures. The purpose of such implementation is to keep your personal data safe at all times especially while it is provided while placing any order or while entering/ submitting information and while accessing them for our purposes. We have a secure server that is protected by respective encryption and secure technologies. Transmission of all the credit card/other payment detail information, as supplied by the user is made through SSL technology and is encrypted into our reliable payment gateway provider’s database. It is accessed by authorised personnel only and thereby, sworn to maintain confidentiality. It is to note that any of your private information i.e. credit card, social security details, financials etc. is erased from & not saved on any of these said servers after the completion of payment transaction.

What are cookies and why we use them?
Cookies are small encrypted files used by a website or service provider to transmit it to user computer’s hard drive via your browser only if you agree for the same. The purpose of using such cookies is to identify your web-browser and capture/store certain information. We also use cookies and it helps us to remind us about your visit on our website, manage the items stored in your shopping cart, remember your likes on your next visit and to assemble data with regard to site-interaction or web-traffic which helps us in providing you a personalised & better experience on your next or future site visit(s).

What is our disclosure policy against outside parties?
We have a strict disclosure policy whereby we do not exchange, sell, transfer or otherwise share any of your personal information/data to any of the outside parties. It excludes reliable third-parties who provide operational assistance on our website, assistance in managing our business or aid in servicing our clients as they sign a confidentiality agreement with us which binds them to keep the given information confidential at all times. This policy also becomes void if it is required to disclose information under following events:
✔ Towards compliance of any legal order
✔ To protect our and related party(s) rights/property/safety
✔ For the enforcement of site’s policies

This policy is not applicable on Non-personal data and can be shared to other parties for advertising/marketing or related uses.

Our Third party Associates
We are at discretion to hire the assistance third party products or services on to our website, if the case maybe. We sign separate privacy agreement & policies with them which is independent to any of our individual agreements. Thus, we undertake no liability or responsibility for the content & activities publicises on their linked or associated websites. However, we request to safeguard the integrity of our website and thus, appreciate the receipt of any reviews/feedbacks about their sites.

Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
We duly comply the laws and regulations of COPPA and thus, agree not to gather any data of children under the age of 13 years. We direct our websites and all the mentioned products & services on the site to person(s) above 12 years of age.

Online Privacy Policy
Our Online privacy policy is applicable only on the information collected from our website. Any information collected through offline sources is not included under this policy.
Terms and Conditions
It is advised to kindly go through our referred Terms & Conditions (T & C) section at our website, which highlights the disclaimers, & limitations of liability(s) leading to the usage of our site.

Privacy Policy amendments & modifications
We are at discretions to modify or amend any privacy policy from time to time. We will update the respective the privacy policy amendment date as under:
This privacy policy was last amended on ……………..

Contact Us
Any questions with regard to our privacy policy may be asked by contacting us.

Our contact details are as under:-
PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Center
E-mail address: [email protected]