Course Information

  • MCQ Full course is conducted twice a year, from February to May & August to November
  • Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • We will cover all 9 competencies in live lectures
  • Course study materials for each competency will be provided
  • Our class location is 1816 – 25 Ave NE Calgary AB T2E 7K1


  • The fees for the entire course is $1600
  • Fees can be paid by two installments:
    Instalment – I: $800 (Due before 1st September, 2019)
    Instalment – II: $800 (Due before 15th October, 2019)
  • You can pay your fees by Visa, Master Card, Cash or Cheque (Print name: PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre)
  • We are registered as a pharmacy coaching school with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), so we are exempted from charging taxes
  • The fee is only a one time fee so you can attend the classes as many times as you want until you pass your exam. We do not charge extra fees to attend the class again.

Exam Information

  • ONLINE Multiple practice exams (Over 10 practice exams)
  • Each exam consists of 150 questions or more including two exams for more than 300 questions covering each competency according to the PEBC standard (% wise coverage of all 9 competencies)

What is MCQ-1 and why are they conducted?

According to PEBC, pharmacists play a very responsible role in health care industry, as they are liable to patient’s health to a significant extent. Thus, according to set rules of professional regulatory authority, they must prove their competence in order to attain their practicing license. The Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada (PEBC) conducts certification examination to evaluate candidate’s knowledge, skills and ability to practice pharmacy. These qualifying examinations are abbreviated as MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions).

✔ MCQ –Part I is first qualifying examination for candidates who intend to become pharmacist

The purpose of conducting MCQ examination is to assess the ability of the pharmacist to perform safely and efficiently in the real world as in this business, lives of people would be at stake.

What methodology/criteria are used by PEBC to assess the proficiency of pharmacy graduates?

The candidates appearing for qualifying exams are pharmacy graduates from respective universities of Canada and abroad. In order to test their practical proficiency as pharmacists, they have to undertake the PEBC evaluation examination, if you are an international pharmacy graduate or if it is demanded by the rules prescribed by respective provincial regulatory authority in Canada.

Next step is to pass the multiple choice based questions exams i.e. MCQ-I as conducted by PEBC. Once the candidate successfully passes this test they have to appear for performance based exam i.e. OSCE-II as conducted by PEBC.

It is essential for the candidate seeking certification from the board to successfully pass both the exams. This would indicate that you have met the defined standards of competence and are qualified to practice as ‘entry level pharmacist’.

What is the syllabus for the MCQ-I exam?

The syllabus is prescribed by PEBC where the board assesses the knowledge of the appearing candidate on following subject competencies:-

✔ Patient care

✔ Ethical, Legal and professional duties

✔ Product distribution methodologies

✔ Practice setting

✔ Health promotion

✔ Knowledge and research application

✔ Intra & Inter professional alliances

✔ Communication, learning & education

✔ Safety & quality

The candidate must be thorough and experienced in system, therapeutic and calculation aspects in order to succeed in MCQ-I exams. PharmXellence understands the needs and expectations of this exam as we have apt experience in helping candidates succeed their PEBC exams. We have effective resources to shape you for these exams and we just need your trust and dedication to help you cross this obstacle in your success path.

What to expect in the Exam?

MCQ-I is a 4.5 hour computer based, single day exam which include a short tutorial on computer based testing, multiple choice assessment question and a post exam feedback survey. It contains 200 questions having 150 scoring questions and 50 pretest questions. Pretest questions will not be considered into your total performance. The questions are divided into 2 sections and each section contains 100 questions wherein 50 pretest questions will be randomly distributed. Once you complete a section and move on to other section, you can’t go back to the previous section, as per the prescribed rules.

When to expect results of MCQ exam?

After completing the exam, the candidate will receive a notice of completion on his/her email. The result can be expected after 6-8 weeks from the date of exam.

What is the minimum passing score of MCQ-I exam?

PEBC has adopted a ‘criterion-referenced pass/fail standard’ based on the level of performance suitable to enter practice. In order to maintain fairness on each exam and after taking into consideration the level of difficulty of the said exam, an equating procedure is set that ascertains the least number of questions that should be answered correctly to decide the pass/fail standard.

How can PharmXellence be your right choice?

PharmXellence is one of the most experienced and known coaching centers for MCQ-I exams. It has helped thousands of its students in reaching their sole career destination i.e. to become a practicing pharmacist. Our key emphasis is to make you confident and ready for your qualifying exams and we leave no stone unturned in accomplishing our mission.

We don’t cut corners in providing coaching resources to our students. We strive continually to render the excellently designed, up-to-date version and PEBC syllabus based study materials that are revised after every 6 months. We put in our highly qualified teachers to prepare them and keep a close eye on any or all the developments/changes introduced by PEBC, provincial pharmacy regulatory, Canadian Government or by International Medical science.

We have brought in certified pharmacists and other experts from relating disciplines to teach our candidates. Their dedicated efforts are highly appreciated amongst students as they facilitate conceptual learning on course-related subject topics, make the difficult topics of prescribed competencies understandable and guide them efficiently.

There are total 9 competencies prescribed under PEBC syllabus and we ensure to cover them all via live lectures. Our study material comprehensibly covers total review of federal laws of the country on pharmacy practice; pharmacy management matters i.e. drug distribution, hospital pharmacy management, pharmacy finance etc., Pharmacoeconomics & pharma-calculations, critical understanding & review of clinical research methods, importance of Ethics in pharmacy and other therapeutics pertaining to the relating systems. We give library access to our students where they can go through the references suggested by teachers and PEBC for MCQ-I. Apart from that, we use other innovative technologies like audio-visual aids, live chats, and demonstrations etc. which will broaden their level of understanding and make the teaching more comprehensible.

Multiple Practice Tests help in boosting the confidence of students as they help them assess their preparation. It prepares them to perform well for their final MCQ-I exams. These exams are designed by experts and cover all the prescribed topics in effective manner.

Our 24/7 after class support is one of our unique features that give us an edge over other coaching centers. You can clear your doubts, raise your queries, discuss or interact about any subject topic or concept with our faculty teachers through e-mail or whats app. It helps you resolve your problems and keeps your anxiety at bay.

If you wish to cut the muster at PEBC exams and be a certified pharmacist, then join PharmXellence immediately.

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