Working at PharmXellence-Culture

PharmXellence welcomes dynamic and experienced people to be a part of its work family. We believe that human resources are the foundation of any organization and their inputs are valuable. We are a disciplined study centre that put significant impetus on our core values, which revolve around commitment, transparency, respect and dedication. Our work culture stands on them and feels proud of having diligent and hard-working personnel at all levels. We offer them a competitive work environment where they are given several chances to show their proficiency and effectiveness.

Working with PharmXellence will offer you a platform to hone your pharmacy teaching skills, freedom to build innovative techniques to shape creative minds and a hub to gain enthralling experience in the said field. In addition, you will have satisfactory work-life equilibrium, which will help you grow with us.

We look for qualified instructors who are licensed pharmacists, technician pharmacist, faculties from different universities and experts with satisfactory experience. We value their expertise and offer deserving remuneration and facilities at our study centre. Our management is fair and transparent while evaluating the performance of its employees and attends to all grievances with patience and fairness.

Our pharmacy study centre is a dedicated coaching centre that strives hard in preparing the candidates for the PEBC exams. We present ample of opportunities to our personnel from different disciplines to build a harmonious work environment. We motivate our staff to focus on teamwork and honesty. One of our key objectives is staff’s welfare and thus, we introduce inspirational schemes to fulfill this objective. We expect to develop a valuable relationship with our entire staff where we all are mutually benefitted and grow together. Let us face the challenges together and find effective solutions to become a globally recognized pharmacy study centre in whole of Canada.

Current openings

PharmXellence needs dynamic people for its jobs who dedicate their time and energy to adding value to the success of this center. Our aim is to have brilliant minds who believe in bringing solutions than complaints or problems. Our center is a disciplined center that appreciates good work and rewards its associates for doing it.

If you have the requisite qualifications and experience to perform at the available position, then submit your resume at [email protected] Our executives will go through your application forms, resumes for the mentioned resume, and shall get back to you accordingly. Please find under the Job details, qualifications and experience needed for the job.

Our Alumni

Meet those candidates who came to us with an aspiration to practice pharmacy and dedicated their time, energy and trust on our preparatory courses. Today, they are licensed pharmacist and technician pharmacist! We are proud of their achievements and bask in their glory with utmost happiness. We frequently welcome our former students to share their valuable perspectives and experiences with our current students. It inspires them to follow your footsteps and heed your advices on PEBC exam preparations. This section requests each of our alumni to be in touch with us and keep this network alive and motivated. Please find under video testimonials of our former students to know what about their experience at PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre.