About Us

In Canada, Pharmacy is one of the booming sectors that promise a plenty of job opportunities and prospects for young aspirants. PEBC is the examination Board in Canada that undertakes certification exams for Pharmacists and Technician Pharmacists. Students desiring to make a career in Pharmacy have to successfully pass this exam and, in order to make this happen, they need educational guidance, support and coaching.

PharmXellence can help you realize your dream. Mr. Maharshi Bhatt founded this pharmacy study centre in June, 2013 with an aim to impart educational support through innovative means and methods. We offer preparatory courses that are highly informative and extremely effective to help you succeed any pharmacy exam. We have invested a great amount of hard-work, intelligence and research in assembling study materials for our EE, MCQ and OSCE courses. Moreover, we ensure that theses study materials are updated after every 6 months with an objective to broaden the horizons of our students’ knowledge.

We bring in experienced faculties, from relating disciplines like pharmacy, medicine, nursing and teaching, who put in their dedicated efforts to teach our candidates. Be it a classroom session or an online discussion, our instructors support our students by clearing their doubts, brainstorming their thoughts, enhancing their knowledge and prepare them excellently for the final exams. In PharmXellence, our students can avail our ‘24/7 after class support’ at any time through e-mails or WhatsApp. Our teachers will respond to your queries and help you resolve them.

Our pharmacy study centre believes in boosting the confidence of our candidate, as we believe that it is a pre-requisite for clearing pharmacy final exams. We conduct mock exams on periodic basis to test their preparation and to give them a taste of real pharmacy exams. With continual practice and support, they learn from their mistakes and perform better at each mock exam. As a result, they feel confident at the time of their final exams.

We have an extensive library with a wide range of course relating books for reference. We provide teaching aids in the form of live chat, lecture videos and other interesting resources to simplify the subject topics. It helps our students understand critical aspects in the subject and prepare them
completely. We strive hard for the success of our students. We feel proud to have helped thousands of students in achieving their objective. Let we be your anchor on your success path.


The main objective is to make PharmXellence a top-class educational pharmacy study center in whole of Canada. Our mission inspires us to render integrated coaching and to disseminate up to date knowledge to all our candidates. We strive continually to serve communities by becoming an epicenter of pharmacy coaching and by offering comprehensive preparatory courses. We aim to help thousands of pharmacy aspirants in reaching their career goal by providing them adequate resources, tools and techniques. We want to prepare future’s best pharmacy personnel who will shine their achievements in front of the entire world.


PharmXellence believe in enhancing the teaching standards of a pharmacy study center to world-class level. With booming pharmacy sector in Canada, we would like to optimize the learning needs of our candidates by offering them all the prospective tools and medium so that they can realize their objective of becoming pharmacists. Our core vision is to be the one-stop anchor to these budding aspirants in the field of pharmacy and to be the highly recommended study center in Canada. We emphasize on bringing highly qualified faculties and providing unrivalled resources to our students in order to fulfill our vision.

Our Core Values

✔ Team Commitment

At PharmXellence, we work together as a team where we commit our hard-work, time and intellect in providing world-class coaching to our aspiring students who entrust their faith and money on our teaching system. We gladly provide after class support to our students round the clock through online and offline means to help them resolve their theoretical and other study related problems.

✔ Accountability

We think it is our responsibility to disseminate up to date information to our students in the form of study materials, notes and mock-exams. We believe that information is the key to success and thus we strive hard to bring, assemble, and distribute data on pharmacy to them. We help in boosting their confidence through interactive sessions, conducting mock exams and other effective modes.

✔ Transparency

Our coaching system is based on honesty and transparency. We truly abide the rules and regulations of the center. ‘What you see is what you get’ and thus we do not make any false promises or guarantees of success while receiving your payment. We urge you to read our provided terms & policies before making payment for our courses.

✔ Discipline & respect

PharmXellence is a disciplined study center, which requires every one of its staff members, teachers and students to follow its code of discipline. Here, we respect each other and does not entertain any act of misconduct, violence, misbehavior or malpractice. Strict actions are taken by the center if the person is found guilty of such act(s).

✔ Continual learning and building value for life:

At PharmXellence, we believe that there is no end of learning. We emphasize students on building sustainable values for their lives as Life is unpredictable and time is short. So, keep learning to stay strong and embrace positivity from all sources of your life.

About Founder

Maharshi Bhatt is a man of ambition and integrity. When he completed his schooling, he was attracted towards medicine and chemistry, which led him to graduate in pharmacy. After attaining his graduation degree in Pharmacy in the year 2008, he started seeking for practical experience in the field. Canada was a booming country in Pharmacy sector and was full of opportunities. In 2009, he moved to Canada to gain experience in its pharmacy market. With passing time, he dedicatedly worked at many different pharmacies like Methadone Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, etc. He was not satisfied and wanted to start his own pharmacy.

In Canada, you can‘t become pharmacist unless you successfully pass PEBC exams. He committed his time, energy and efforts in passing PEBC exams. His hard work aided him to get the PEBC certification of ‘Pharmacist’. In June’2013, he decided to laid the foundation of a study center in Alberta(Canada) where he can help many young aspirants who want to become pharmacists. He also opened his own pharmacy in December’2014 to serve community and opened the prospects of offering jobs to talented minds in Pharmacy sectors. His ambition made him a successful businessperson and his dedication to serve pharmacy sector led him to open an educational center. Today, he is a proud owner of two pharmacies and a recognized study center by the name of ‘PharmXellence’. He is striving hard to fulfill his mission i.e. to make it an excellent pharmacy study center in whole of Canada.