• Our Mission

    Providing unique hands-on training approach allowing students to excel at the Canadian Pharmacy exam process and become successful registered pharmacists in Canada.

  • What We Offer

    Through PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Center we offer courses and creative ideas to enhance, empower and enable students’ desire of achievement to clear all the steps of Canadian pharmacy licensing exams process.

  • What We Do

    At PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Center, a competent coach provides live training in a uniquely customized subject- specific, systematic way to easily understand and excel at the Canadian Pharmacy examination process.

  • How It Works

    The teaching materials are designed for students to enhance their existing skill-sets, provide an in-depth review of key concepts of relevant subject materials and improve (through mock exams) their hands-on approach critical to becoming a qualified pharmacist in Canada.

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QE Part -I (MCQ)

QE Part – ii (OSCE)

About Us

PharmXellence offers you an integrated platform to study all-inclusive study material for pharmacy exams under the guidance of outstanding instructors at a fully equipped study center. We help you achieve your goal to pass PEBC exams by being there for you at each step of your preparatory struggle. Our pharmacy preparatory courses are up to date and have proven their effectiveness in thousands of lives. We have helped many of today’s emerging and successful pharmacists by providing them excellent coaching, after class support and resources to enrich their knowledge and skills. What are you waiting for? Associate with us ASAP!!

PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre offers classes in Calgary, AB

We offer courses and creative ideas to enhance, empower and enable students’ desire of achievement to clear all the steps of Canadian pharmacy licensing exams process which consist of :

Evaluating Exam

Qualifying Exams Part I (MCQ) and Part II (OSCE)

Jurisprudence (For Alberta)



“Battling with a chronic disease and studying at the same time was a predicament that I cannot emancipate from for a long time. Everybody knows how it takes to get license as a pharmacist here in Canada compared to where we’re coming from. PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre has made that possible for me. I’m so grateful for all the guidance they have given me by only focusing on the necessary information one needs to know in order to surpass those inevitable exams. They have taught me to change my way of thinking as a health care professional here in Canada. They have made me adapt to the ever changing and demanding needs of the profession. I am a living proof that everything is possible in life when you put your heart into it.”


“I was first introduced to PharmXellence by a friend who had taken a quick review class for the Evaluating Exam with this coaching school. She praised the class and the teacher and nagged me on and on to take the class. So I took her advice and signed up for a quick revison class. To be honest I had my doubts because I was feeling very hopeless at the time. I can tell you now though, this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This class helped boost my confidence and gave me a clear vision of what I need to read and study. I couldn’t have done it without this class and I highly recommend it to anyone preparing to write any one of the licensure exams soon.”


“I have successfully passed my EE, MCQ & OSCE Exams. I am greatly thankful to PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre. Your coaching was undoubtedly excellent; very precise and syllabus oriented material for all 7 competencies; to the point questions and answers of practice exams and all of above your positive encouragement through out the term of course has brought me an ultimate success. It’s really due to your great guideline and help which enabled me to successfully pass all my exams. I’m really thankful to you. God bless you.”


“After about 5 months of preparations for EE I was still in doubt if I was ready for the exam or not. Then I attended a 3 days class at PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre. I was impressed how they simplified things… a lot of concepts that were difficult for me to understand were demystified. I became very confident and bold to face the EE. I did and surprisingly I have good stories to tell as I eventually passed all my exams.”


“The classes I attended with PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre made a huge impact in my exams. In that it really helped improve my confidence to go and write my exam. The calculation class was awesome. Thanks to PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre. You made a big difference”


“I have passed my MCQ & OSCE on my first trial. I am greatly thankful to PharmXellence Study Center for all the effort. The course is extremely helpful and informative. Many thanks Maharshi for all the encouragement and medical knowledge you used to share with your students.”

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